Enjoy the movement that travel generates

Pause your mind, move your emotion

How long has it been since you took a break? We live so much and so fast that we tend to disconnect from our center. We forget to live in the present and to feel ourselves. My mission is that, as you travel, you come back to live in the present, you come back to feel yourself, so you can transfer it to your day to day life with gratitude and illusion.

I wish every trip to be an intense and extensive version of life, that you enjoy broadening your perspective.

I'll be your guide

My footprints will mark the way, you will simply have to follow them to reach your destination.

Pause in motion

Pause your routine and move your emotion enjoying the movement that the trip will generate.

Feeling rather than thinking

I have prepared everything so that you only have to worry about feeling, thanking, enjoying and discovering unrepeatable experiences.

Your own Tribe

The moments and feelings we share as a group are unique experiences that connect us forever.

How do you feel like traveling?

Traveling since 1986

My name is Carla Feuerriegel and I have been traveling around Africa for more than 15 years, both as a traveler and as a guide. Now, with this experience and my training as a veterinari¿Por qué son diferentes? an and guide, I organize different trips, as I call them: trips in essence.

Why are they different? 

Until I organized my first trip to Zimbabwe on my own, I noticed that sometimes we cross out countries we don’t enjoy, we never go back to, we forget about the trips, the places and our travel companions become strangers.

I propose a change:

A change to make you want to come back, so that the relationships created on the trip are stronger, so that they know you and you know yourself in all your essence.
So that when the trip is over, you will have a smile on your face every time you remember it.

Would you like to explore cultures and not just collect visas?
You’ve come to the right place.

And if you are concerned about the technical aspects…


Master in survival and bushcraft with Maykol García


Bilingual – English


Degree in veterinary medicine


Marine mammal, reptile and exotic animal technicians


First aid

“”If we think globally but act locally, we will create a fabulous chain of favors and actions that will facilitate the well-being of all of us who live together in this world.””

This is the origin of the Humble African Trust association: 

Its main project is to create a secondary education school in Monde, Zimbabwe. Led by Dingxs, an angel and brother from Zimbabwe, who one day wanted to bring art and craftsmanship to the people of Victoria Falls in a fair way, as well as education to the population so that there can be a job opportunity by developing gifts in art. 

Since 2018 we have built, with small contributions, the school so that it can soon become a reality. A professional education center where we will continue with the solidarity trips; where the projects will be long term with the focus on contributing to fair trade of the works created there.

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