Travel differently, travel in essence

Because sightseeing is not the same as immersing yourself in other cultures and feeling the destination at its best.

Not a transformative journey

What I do promise you is that I will put at your service my experience and way of living life so that with each trip we cross all kinds of borders.

Trust us

I have lived every destination I propose as a guide and as a traveler, now I will be your guide so that you can live it too.

Now it’s your turn

You will only have to take care of feeling, thanking, enjoying and discovering unrepeatable experiences.

We think global but act local

Collaborating on every trip with local suppliers, communities and tribes to facilitate the well-being of all of us who live together in this world.

With all this, my experience and knowledge I intend to make easy, accessible and close what you feel as unknown and distant.

How do you feel like travelling?

For my part, I simply want each trip to be an intense and extended version of life, that enjoy broadening your perspective. Meanwhile, I will make sure that you experience destiny in all its essence.

No setback can slow her down

Carla moves through the terrain like a fish in water, there is no setback that can slow her down. Her specialty is to make each stage of the trip a special moment. A safari with her is the best biology class you have ever attended. Fun, generous, close…we would travel with her again without hesitation!

Isa & Jordi

Committed to her job

Resolute with an eternal smile, committed to her work to give travelers the best experiences. Sensitive, funny, patient, brave and strong. You can’t be in better hands in Africa.

Cristina Santorio

Resolute and highly professional

Always making sure that we do not lack anything. She exudes an incredible zest for life and love for life and nature. Resolute and super professional.

José Alberto Garrudo

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